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When running a business, whether it’s a major executive corporation, educational institute or medical practice, LAS understands customers need to perform at their very best without interruption. We understand your presence is everything. Our clients may have special events, and unexpected high volume of visitors or emergency clean ups. LAS will ensure you make a great impression when you hire our cleaning solutions to take care of all your cleaning needs.

We are Flexible- on your schedule – not ours

You may just need a onetime service- Floor care, Carpet Shampoo- or you would like to set up a customized cleaning schedule- Daily, Weekly, Annual and Special Frequency services. LAS is happy to work with you to meet and better understand your individual cleaning needs- We will work with you to build a customized cleaning schedule.

Dependable and Environmentally friendly products

You don't have to be concerned about your staff, visitors or property while we service your facility. We enjoy introducing new and innovative green cleaning products, materials and equipment. LAS Employees who become part of our team are encouraged to become certified and educated on innovative cleaning agents and equipment, we will always send dependable and certified personnel to you so you may rest assured the service is top quality. Your staff, visitors and you will look forward to seeing us because we bring innovative minds and are open to suggestions from you. We provide you with relief by letting you focus on your business and letting us worry about your cleaning and presentation-leave the dirty work for us!

Office & Administrative Space Cleaning

LAS understands and has accommodated a large variety of clients, our proven experience is able to service a complete spectrum of business offices, from small office buildings to corporate campuses, office parks and other high-traffic facilities. Our office cleaning solutions will keep your property, your investment - and your image - always looking spotless and looking its best for your visitors and especially your staff. We will work closely with each client to continue to provide the same superior housekeeping services as unique to clients like you.

“We clean while you work on the focus on your core business”

LAS's methods for deep cleaning include:

Floor Care


Our floor care services include moving furniture, non-permanent rugs, and other floor coverings prior to providing floor care service. Our Clean Check Certified Staff return any furniture, and other items moved during services to their original position. Our staff is trained to post warning signs and barricades to alert anyone of cleaning activities near and surrounding areas to ensure personnel safety. Your floors will be clean and free of debris to 100 % of your satisfaction. All hard floors will be free of spots and scuff marks and all hard floors shall have a clean, glossy and uniform appearance at all times. Areas that have been spot cleaned shall have uniform appearance and shall be indistinguishable from the surrounding hard floor surfaces; terrazzo, ceramic tile, or concrete.


  • Striping and Waxing

  • Sweeping

  • Dust Mopping

  • Wet Mopping

  • Spray Buffing

  • Pressure Washing

  • Floor Sanitation

  • Ceramic Floor Sealing



When you walk into any of our clients buildings, you will not only notice we have enhanced the appearance of their property but with regular carpet maintenance we have removed the damaging particles deep within the fibers that can cause premature aging. We use steam cleaning methods combined with cleaning agents that are biodegradable or registered with the EPA's DFE (designed for the Environment) program.

  • Carpet Shampoo

  • chemical extraction

  • Steam cleaning

  • other similar deep cleaning processes

Carpets and rugs are dry and passable within 12 hours. Our green Solutions offer a guarantee on its carpet cleaning because we know that you want the best results possible for your dollar. If you do not get the best carpet cleaning service that you have ever had, then we will fix it or give you a refund.


“Doing our job means not interfering with yours”

Marble/Stone/Metal/Plated Metal & Wood Surfaces


Fully trained staff will be sent and assigned to your location to provide you with cleaning and polishing all types ranging from metal, brass, chrome, and stone surfaces, whether they are stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or marble surfaces. We have experience restoring, repairing, polishing, and protecting stone and metal surfaces such as floors, walls, doors and door hardware, stair railings, and bathrooms fixtures. Our cleaning staff is very careful when dusting, cleaning, and polishing any surfaces to ensure that surrounding areas do not show signs of damage that results from hard rubbing, inadvertent scraping, chemical spraying, or equipment used to clean.



All restroom cleaning equipment will be color-coded for ready identification and will not be used in other areas. Our equipment is wiped down with sanitizer on a daily basis. Restroom cleaning procedures are more involved than any other single cleaning operation. This is due to the number of tasks, the variety of tools, equipment, and materials used.  As a business and safety policy we assign the appropriate gender to clean the restrooms. We will clean, sanitize, and deodorize all fixtures, ensuring that any obvious dust, mold, spots, smudges, grime, and graffiti is immediately and always removed. All restroom floors will be cleaned, sanitized, and dried to prevent injury. All trash will be removed from floor and surfaces, and trash receptacles will be emptied out each time we clean or patrol the restrooms.

We will clean in and around the receptacles and install clean liners including those for feminine disposal units. We will make sure that an ample supply of paper towels, toilet rolls, hand soap, and all relevant toilet supplies including feminine hygiene products are supplied in each restroom.

Emergency Cleaning


We have an extensive experience in disaster cleanup after emergencies caused by smoky fires, water damage, overflowing toilets and a host of other unforeseen disasters. In case of an emergency at your facility, our certified housekeeping personnel will immediately contact you and follow the emergency procedures you have prescribed.  We designate Special Cleaning Teams to fulfill emergency and disaster cleaning requests. Each Special Cleaning Team member will be in close proximity to their assigned areas to ensure that they arrive expeditiously at their designated location and perform the trained emergency cleaning a timely fashion following a Service Request. All calls for assistance will be acknowledged in effectively and in an expeditious manner.

Exterior Cleaning


All exterior areas that are maintained including all porticos, steps, pavers, terraces, sidewalks, parking areas, driveways, lawns, and shrubbery are more than dirty; they are infested with organisms which affect the overall presence, property value, they eat and destroys wood and deteriorate the outer materials.  These organisms may also cause health problems for people with asthma or who are allergic to mold, mildew, algae, and fungus, which are in the top ten allergy irritants. Knowing exactly what kinds of chemicals to use and how to apply them require knowledge and experience and we take pride in the quality of our work. Our Green Cleaning approach provides the highest level of cleaning and bacteria killing power yet are 100% safe. We use Green Cleaning products that will not harm your visitors, staff or plants. We will not harm your windows, siding, paint, or facility.

Window Cleaning


We will be sure to send trained and certified housekeeping staff to provide you with the best service and experience possible. We are all fully insured, , and when necessary bonded and licensed. We have been providing interior and exterior window cleaning services for a wide range of facilities. Our repeat customers keep coming to us because we are able to build a custom program based on size, scope and frequency. We offer especially designed “Window Cleaning Care Programs” which are customized to your needs and are discounted based on your needed frequency. With our custom programs, we are able to provide you with a window cleaning schedule that is both affordable and effective at keeping your windows looking clean year round.

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