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Latin American Services, Incorporated is one of the leading Environmental Service Provider based out of Gaithersburg, MD. Since 2000, we have dedicated 100% percent of our resources to creating tailored housekeeping and  programs that produce exceptional quality results and ensure a clean, safe environment for the our customers, their visitors, and staff members at every facility we serve. This experience and dedication allows LAS to offer comprehensive environmental service (EVS) programs that enhance the customer experience and consistently produce a superior level of quality outcomes.



About Us

LAS is a Minority Owned, Woman- owned and operated corporation, thus making it a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). LAS is dedicated to providing unparalleled quality cleaning solutions for commercial, industrial, government and retail clients. Since its inception and incorporation in June of 2000, it has steadily and continuously experienced growth which is evident through its breakthrough from the commercial into the government sector in 2010. With over 14 years of janitorial services experience, LAS is committed to increasing levels of professional quality in the cleaning industry.


“LAS specializes in high quality Cleaning Solutions which involve clients in the Government, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors.”



We possess the necessary personnel skills, resources, and equipment to successfully complete projects in all areas of the professional janitorial industry.  As a service business, our clients are of paramount importance to us. Thus, we are fully committed to maintaining an unparalleled qualitative standard to ensure our client's continued satisfaction. Our commitment to a Pro-active, not a Re-active, work ethic ensures that all of our customers will be satisfied with our hands-on approach.


Our Certifications and Registrations:














Services We Provide:


  • Carpet care

  • Computer room cleaning

  • Construction clean up

  • Document disposal

  • Medical waste disposal

  • Emergency services

  • Escalator cleaning

  • Green cleaning

  • Restroom sanitation


Latin American Services, Inc. strives not only to provide the best quality in cleaning services, but also works to further a stress-free and comfortable environment for our clients. Cleaning is not the only name of the game in janitorial services. We acknowledge the importance of our clients comfort in their living space and thus strive to satisfy that need. Creating a pristine work space produces a serene environment conducive to a happy and satisfied clientele base, something which we at Latin-American Services, Inc. hope to demonstrate through the rendering of our high quality services.


Furthermore, by utilizing materials from local vendors throughout the eastern seaboard, we assist our clients and their visitors in reaching developmental milestones and achieving educational goals—while consistently sustaining a clean, organized and infectious free environment throughout the multitude of facilities we upkeep! We are aware that each facility we service is unique, and we continually strive to maintain our staff up to date with the newest innovative materials, latest equipment that appeal to each of our respective facilities' various interests, backgrounds and abilities. In addition, all of the products we carry must meet stringent quality & safety standards as the industry is steadily turning to a more environmentally friendly quality of service. With this in mind, our company is using Green Seal Certified products—which ensures they’re strong enough to accomplish the work to the qualitative standard required while also being safe enough to ensure the protection of our environment.


  • Special event services

  • Supply management

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Pressure washing

  • Recycling services

  • Inventory control

  • Hard surface floor care

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